Fiesta . . .the colors in my future!

Restrant . . . hard to resist checking out a few garage sales this weekend. It was a gloriously beautiful summer weekend with blue skies, white puffy clouds and temps in the 70's. Perfect for garage sailing!

Okay, I know I just cleaned out my garage and basement and I did make a commitment to Elisha that I wouldn't buy any more furniture - but I have treasure hunting in my blood! So off I went . . .

Rewind . . . at Hartville on Thursday I checked out a booth selling repro Fiestaware and realized how much I love it. I used to be a snob about it - remembering my grandmother's old Fiestaware and rejecting the "new". But I've gotten over that. Seeing it sparked something and it began to stir - I could feel the collector in me start to come to life - but I walked away.

Fast forward . . . . on Saturday we found a street sale (love those) and there was tons of great stuff. At the second house we went to the only thing she had on her table was Fiestaware and tons of it! She had plates, bowls, mugs, serving dishes, all kinds of shapes and sizes and she even had Fiesta flatware! (And the prices were cheap!) I was feeling a bit stunned, thinking the Universe was trying to tell me something. First I negotiated a great price for the flatware and then picked out a couple of dishes - great chartreuse color. As I was deciding what to pick next a woman walked up and before I could do anything she had bought nearly all the good pieces. Panic! At that moment I realized the collector in me was alive and really peeved! As I look back on it, I still regret not just offering her $100 bucks for the lot when I first walked up, but I now know that I am a Fiestaware collector and that won't ever happen to me again!!

The good news! I did get away with two pieces a plate and bowl (the chartreuse was retired in 1999!) and flatware service for 8 in some really wonderful colors. Also found two packages of vintage MOD looking decals in vibrant colors at another sale. This look is the beginning of my new Urban Cottage vision for our new home in Nashville. A mixture of cottage, modern and retro (the concept is evolving). It will all go into a box marked Inspiration and I will continue the hunt! Now I have an excuse to garage sale and hit the flea markets! ALERT: If you see any Fiestaware out there , give me a call!

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