Art in the mail!

I love getting packages in the mail (who doesn't!) While I was away visiting in Nashville I ordered this awesome bracelet and earrings from Jupita (artist Jennifer Nash). It arrived in the mail yesterday and I was so excited - it was even more beautiful in person than it was in her Etsy store. I first learned about Jupita in Green Craft Magazine. She uses recycled gift cards to make upcycled art like my new jewelry. You will also notice that she uses recycled packaging materials!

This week as I was reading thru all the blog feeds I subscribe to, I read that Mom Gone Witty was having a giveaway and the prize was a Jupita bracelet. On the blog I learned that a percentage of the money Jennifer makes with her art goes to support organ transplant awareness. Her son Othello was born with a rare condition that required organ transplants. You can read all about this on the Mom Gone Witty blog. This touched my heart, since my life has been affected by the amazing gift of a organ donor. (Jeff received two cornea transplants that saved his vision.) When I read the story about Othello, I recognized that Jennifer's art was about so much more. It reminded me of a sticker I have in my office that reads "Art Heals". When I wear my new jewelry it will have a deeper sense of meaning to me knowing that it has powerful energy of healing built right in.

Take some time and check out Jennifer's great art and read her story at Mom Gone Witty, you'll be glad you did. (Plus you might win a custom piece of Jupita jewelry!)

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NotQuitePhotoJENic said...


Thank you so much for the beautiful post.

I am pleased that you are enjoying your bracelet and earrings (That set is my personal favorite!!)

It is amazing how many people are affected by organ and tissue donation / transplantation.

Please, feel free to read more about Othello and his journey, and send me any links you would love to share about transplantation. The website I maintained throughout his life, and now throughout my journey in bereavement (helping others) is :

Again, thank you and I look forward to reading more from your blog!