Hudson Art on the Green

What a great weekend! An art show and basement remodeling - an interesting combination. But it worked. Saturday we were off early to a cute little town near by called Hudson. The town has a beautiful town square and clock tower with lots of green space. Each year they present the Art on the Green Fine Arts and Craft Show, which meanders along the grassy town square. It was fun exploring. Here were some of my favorites.

Amazing one-of-a-kind necklace made by my friend Kris Halter of Mindful Designs. Her work is off the charts - she has such a unique style and deeply creative design sense. Plus the most unusual elements and a lot of pieces are big and chunky! Love that!

I love colors and I wasn't disappointed when I saw the cool and colorful booth of Hot Glass Cool Art! Artist Faith Wickey makes beautiful and bright lampwork jewelry and fused glass objects. Her stuff is hot!

More bright colors caught my eye - these amazing pictures were created with magic makers by teacher turned artist W. Michael Winston. He studied art right out of high school, then gave it up to go into teaching, a few years ago he took out some markers and started to play around. Today he shows his beautiful art throughout the Northeast. Marker Magic!

Last but not least, near the end of the art walk, were these fabulous purses by Kensington House. Artist Pamela Sapp makes all these by hand with beautiful quality fabrics with awesome designs. I bought a very cute little black and white shoulder bag! Very cool!

It was fun to be out in the summer sunshine surrounded by art and the creative spirit. It fortified me for the rest of the weekend - working in the basement - painting, cleaning and purging. Like eating desert first!

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It's a Little Sketchy

Today is sewing day. I have several projects I have been wanting to work on and haven't made the time so (sew) today is the day. As I was cleaning off my worktable I picked up a Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine to put it away. (Doesn't this dog on the cover look like Chuck!)

And . . it flipped open to page 70. An article by Robin Olsen called "Being Here, Sketching the Moment". It is all about sketching and tips on how to get started. Since I just put together my sketch bag and started seriously sketching yesterday, I thought it was rather serendipitous.

She even gave a "sketch bag essentials list" and tips on how to make sketching more fun and less stress (the gotta do it perfect thing sure gets in my way!). She says the key is to just do it! Practice often and take your sketch book with you everywhere. Just have fun!

She also listed a sketching blog to visit - I checked it out and it is very cool. They also have a Flickr Group where people in the group upload their sketches. Inspiring. What also inspired me was Robin's funky sketches of just ordinary things. Even simple things look wonderful.

Back to reality - today is a sewing day. Time for me shift gears and start stitching! I have two projects that I am using Amy Butler fabrics and that always gets me revved up!

Sketching at Sandrun Park

It is on my gratitude list for today - sketcking at the park. I packed up my new traveling art bag, stopped by Starbucks, and headed to Sandrun Metro Park. It was beautiful. I worked on some ideas for my first fabric design. Nothing like blue sky, bright shades of summer green, clean fresh air, and the warm morning sun to inspire the creative flow!

After sketching took a hike on the trail. Had some great company and conversation. What a perfect way to spend a Tuesday morning!

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The Past, The Present and The Future . . .

When I was about 13 I wanted to be clothing designer. I had a love for fabric, clothes and sewing. It was around this time that I started making my own clothes. I searched for the perfect fabric, always on a budget - cotton became my medium of choice. I longed for fabulous fabric with great designs. My first job at 15 was in a fabric store and that was the beginning of my fabric collecting.
A few weeks ago when we were cleaning the garage I found an old sketch book of mine from around that time (when I was 13 or 14) and I found these sketches. It made me smile (and cringe a bit) but hey, it was the 70's!

Today I am not so interested in designing clothes, but designing in general. Right now I am working on a carry-all for my sketchbook and supplies (more on that in a future blog entry). I still have a love of fabric and I have dreamed of designing my own. I even entered a fabric design contest a couple of years ago. This past week in true sychronistic fashion I received a link on Facebook to a website called Spoonflower. It is a company that prints fabric with your design, any design you come up with. And you can buy as little as 1 yard if you want , no huge runs! I was elated! Modern technology is a wonder!! If you love fabric check it out. If you want to buy custom designed fabric have a look at their Etsy shop. They even have a weekly design challenge contest. My mind and my creativity have been working overtime since I found out about Spoonflower! Here are a couple of unique designers that I found as I was browsing the website.

Designer: Lolly Chessie

Designer: Sarah

It won't be long until I an sending off a design to Spoonflower and having some fabric made. It opens up a whole new world to me and I can't wait to get my first package in the mail! Now I have to get out my sketchbook and start sketching - or maybe I will go to my computer and just open Photoshop - after all we are in the 21st century!

Art in the mail!

I love getting packages in the mail (who doesn't!) While I was away visiting in Nashville I ordered this awesome bracelet and earrings from Jupita (artist Jennifer Nash). It arrived in the mail yesterday and I was so excited - it was even more beautiful in person than it was in her Etsy store. I first learned about Jupita in Green Craft Magazine. She uses recycled gift cards to make upcycled art like my new jewelry. You will also notice that she uses recycled packaging materials!

This week as I was reading thru all the blog feeds I subscribe to, I read that Mom Gone Witty was having a giveaway and the prize was a Jupita bracelet. On the blog I learned that a percentage of the money Jennifer makes with her art goes to support organ transplant awareness. Her son Othello was born with a rare condition that required organ transplants. You can read all about this on the Mom Gone Witty blog. This touched my heart, since my life has been affected by the amazing gift of a organ donor. (Jeff received two cornea transplants that saved his vision.) When I read the story about Othello, I recognized that Jennifer's art was about so much more. It reminded me of a sticker I have in my office that reads "Art Heals". When I wear my new jewelry it will have a deeper sense of meaning to me knowing that it has powerful energy of healing built right in.

Take some time and check out Jennifer's great art and read her story at Mom Gone Witty, you'll be glad you did. (Plus you might win a custom piece of Jupita jewelry!)

"Before and After" Something New

Okay, we didn't win the lottery (big surprise). But it was fun dreaming and after all somebody has to win eventually! The good news is nobody won on Wednesday so the jackpot is going higher. I am sending a dollar to Elisha and having her buy me another ticket! (I am such a high roller!)

Back at home my creativity is flowing - I have so many things going on there isn't enough time in the day. One thing I decided to do is create a "before and after" web link to my blog and show pics of things I have created or recycled (upcycled) and a little how-to info. I am starting with a piece I found at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It is a nice old wooden table - short like a small coffee table. I couldn't resist it. All it needed was a little TLC.

I cleaned and sanded it lightly and then I used some Old English Furniture Polish to bring back some color. I heard on HGTV that you can use olive oil on unvarnished furniture to help keep the wood from drying out, plus it gives the wood a face lift. It works like a charm. I found a recipe for olive oil furnish polish on a Eartheasy a non-toxic home care website. With the combo approach the table was transformed! The grain just popped and it looked entirely different.

The table was just the right size and height for my meditation area where I also do journaling. I used it to create a writing table/alter and it works perfect.

For years I have made alters in my home - it helps me create sacred spaces that keep me connected and focused. A good book to read if you are interested in creating your own is by Denise Linn called Altars: Bringing Sacred Shrines into your Everyday Life. It is a fun way to gather objects, elements and sacred items together - like a table top collage.

I hope you like the new addition to the blog. Let me know what you think.

Powerball Quarter of a Billion Dollars

How can a person resist buying a lottery ticket when the prize is $250,000,000.00!! Towering above the Nashville roadway there is a giant Powerball billboard with digital numbers displaying the jackpot total. Each day it went higher. By last night it was over 200 mil and we could't resist buying a ticket!

We left our sweet Nashville family and headed toward home today and have entertained ourselves most of the 10 hour drive talking about what we are going to do with our lottery winnings. Boy oh boy do we have some great ideas.

First thing I am doing is signing up for Mary Engelbriet Workshop with Amy Butler. //

The drawings tomorrow night. So if you don't hear from me for awhile you know where I'll be. First, scheduling a week at a wonderful resort/spa, picking out the new car, interviewing personal trainers, oh and the personal assistant and accountant. Then some clothes shopping and . . . . You get the picture. But be on the watch though I might be showing up at your door like Publishers Clearinghouse!

Oh to dream.

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The Famous Loveless Cafe

You can't visit Nashville without having a meal at the famous Loveless Cafe. It's been around for over 50 years and known for BBQ, smoked ham, chicken fried steak and especially their biscuits! They are served with homemade jam, honey and sorghum, and of course, fresh butter.

Years ago it was a cafe and motel. The motel rooms have now been turned into shops - all unique and owned by local artists. The walls of the cafe are covered with autographed pics of country music stars and the entire place has that down home country feel that everyone is looking for on a trip to Nashville. This place is busy day and night! And you never know when you might see a country music star (or one in the making). Here is a little photo tour.

Here's a shot of the whole family (minus me, the photographer) looking like good 'ol Southern country folk. Elisha's new house is just about a mile away. So we can look forward to many meals at the Loveless Cafe!
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At the end of the rainbow

Nashville Report. The move happened today as planned (big sigh of relief!) The house is beautiful and everyone is so happy. It rained towards the end of the day and it was soooo muggy! But just as we finished for the day a beautiful rainbow appeared and made a complete half circle across the sky. One end stopped right behind my daughters new home. What a great welcome! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The picture below is facing the other direction. Pretty amazing too.

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Fabric Addict on the Loose!

On the road to Nashville today. It's a perfect day to travel. I planned a stop in Louisville at Among Friends Quilt Shop to check out their Amy Butler fabrics. Yes, I admit it I am a fabric addict! What an amazing shop - it had everything. Plus it was a "happening" quilt shop. All the latest, coolist and hippest designers - it was awesome! I bought a few pieces and enough of Amy's August Fields to slip cover a chair. I am a happy addict. If you are ever in Louisville make sure you stop by!

Should be enough to last me a while. At least until we get to Nashville. I heard there is a enormous fabric store near Vanderbelt. . .ummmmm. Focus! Remember I am going to TN to help Elisha move!

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Little Kiddle brings a smile . . .

Remember these cute little dolls! Little Kiddles. I found one during my yard sale adventures this weekend and it brought me back to my childhood. They are so cute and this one was only a quarter so how could I resist! Along with this cutie I found some more fun stuff to add to my Nashville trousseau. It will all eventually fit into my new Urban Cottage vision. (I know we are far from getting there but I want to be prepared!)

I found some more Fiestaware, two sets of bright colorful napkins, three very unique hand clips, four delicately embroidered napkins and some hand painted wooden fruits and veggie blocks, couldn't resist! Plus I found lots of goodies to sell on eBay.

It is so much fun going out on a beautiful Friday morning and finding unique little treasures, meeting interesting people with interesting stories and frequently really interesting stuff! There is something about the freedom of it, riding around the city or the country side, peeking into the lives of people and occasionally their ancestors. This week I felt truly grateful to have the freedom to enjoy all this. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is the simple things that give life joy and meaning.

Yard Sale Snapshot: Out in the country in search of a barn sale we passed by these beautiful horses. I had to turn around and take a picture. What a gorgeous summer day!