Pikes Place Market Experience

We took a few hours off today and to visit the famous Pike Place Market. We had a great time. I have seen it in pictures and in movies but you really need to see it in person to get the full experience. The smells are wonderful!

We had lunch at Beecher's - the best macoroni & cheese on the planet!! Made with fresh cheese they make on the premises.

We followed that with shopping and investigating all the shops. We found a kitchen shop that was filled with Fiesta Ware (both of us collect it). They had many pieces we had never seen before. We also had to stop at Starbucks #1 opened in 1971. Could they have ever known!

The fresh produce market was picture perfect. It was wonderful to see such beautiful fresh fruit in December!

Ummm, my entire post has been mostly about food. What can I say - it is a market! We had a great time and I am so glad I got to see it!

My plans changed and I am staying on until Saturday. There is a Psych-K training that I just found out about and I signed up this morning. Very spontaneous of me don't you think? I bet you're asking yourself "what's Psych-K?". I'll tell you more after I take the training!

And, staying 2 extra days means more time with Jen and seeing her lovely apartment really come together!

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Unpacking & Recycling Cardboard

Here is Jen's new apartment building - new and very modern. Her apt is perfect with fantastic views out the floor to ceiling windows.

Seattle is an amazing city. We have been seeing lots of it as we zoom around doing all the errands necessary during a big move.

Out biggest issue is getting rid of all the boxes. City life gives trash issues a new meaning.

Tomorrow we are going sight seeing!

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Blizzard, Sub-Zero Temps- Fun?

Onalaska, Winconsin
Yesterday we drove through a blizzard! We stopped in Madison to give Charlie a walk and they had 17" of snow in less than 12 hours! We got stuck- the side roads had not been plowed much. But we were heartened by the generosity of the people of Madison. During the hour we were stuck at least 8-10 people stopped to help us. Finally a guy came by with some salt, and another with a shovel and with a bunch of people pushing we go out.

We headed back to the freeway and westward. We drove on a few hours but it was dark and icey so we stopped in Onalaska. We pulled into the hotel and got stuck again! There was a wind chill advisory with temps -20 to -30. So we went to our warm hotel room and decided to deal with the truck in the morning.

This morning we called a tow service and they arrived in less than an hour and had us out and on our way again! Del and Chris, two more of our Wisconsin heros!

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Road Trip to Seattle

Jen and I are off on our cross country road trip. Akron to Seattle in 5 days! The truck is loaded, the car is on a trailer following behind. It's 3 pm. A late start, but we want to put Ohio behind us today! Chicago here we come!!

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Celestial Challenge - Winter Solstice Sun

Celestial Challenge - Winter Solstice Sun

Another Spoonflower fabric challenge! This time the theme is "celestial". Since it is December and Winter Solstice is right around the corner, I decided to use a sun as my inspiration. However, the unique part about this challenge is that the design has to be one that is made by the artist in some medium other than digital. The art can be scanned into the computer, but not digitally developed.

I started by sketching my idea with paper and pencil. Once I created the design that I liked I started again on heavy paper, sketched the final design, outlined it with ink and then used watercolors to get the vibrant colors. Once it was dry I scanned it into Photoshop, added a black background and it was complete. I think it came out pretty good!

Now the voting is on! To see all the entries and vote click here.

This is so much fun! But I still haven't had my first fabric printed. Don't understand why I am procrastinating! It is one of those things! I just better go for it!! Maybe it will be my Christmas present to myself.

In the spirit of creativity, Cindy