Kingman AZ

Beautiful Arizona! We drove to Kingman today and it was a magnificant day. The sky was the brightest blue I think I have ever seen with pure white puffy clouds - the ones you can just imagine floating on. Truly amazing. It was like watching the nature channel as we drove along the freeway. The clouds took different shapes and the sun shot rays between the clouds - like spot lights on the desert. It was a perfect day.

Tomorrow we arrive in California at my parents house. Monday afternoon we get the keys to our house and Tuesday we move in. I am so excited!

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We made the decison to take a break from the road trip and spend a day exploring Albuquerque. Great choice!

We started the day at Jeff's favorite breakfast spot Del Taco. Then off to find Hip Stitch - a very cool fabric store. Great Amy Butler selection!

Then off to discover nature. We started at the Pueblo Open Space Nature Center and then off to Petroglyph National Park. There is so much to see when you get away from the city hubbub!

We ended the day at Sandia Mountain Tram and watched the sunset high above the city. A great day!

Tomorrow we are off to Flagstaff, Az, really!

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Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico

It has been a blur of states the past few days. Lots of sights to see!

Tonight we ended the day in Albuquerque. It is beautiful and so warm! We went out for yummy Mexican food, including sopapillias with honey and cinnamon for dessert! Best Mexican we've had in years!

Found out today that the escrow on our new house won't close until next Tuesday. So we can't move in until then. The interesting thing is that tuesday in my BD - the 15th and I am turing 55 and our new address is 11515. Plus I am moving back to the place I was born 55 years ago. Now that has to mean something!!! Any numerology folks out there!!!

On to AZ tomorrow!

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A wild day of road construction, wind, rain and traffic congestion! All part of the adventure! As we passed through St. Louis I wanted to take a pic of the arch for this post - no chance, I had both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road! (Linda, I was thinking if you!)

Today we are off to Tulsa. The final escrow papers were Fedexed there so we could sign. Then will be fedexed back and escrow will close while we are on the road! Weird way to finalize a home purchase. Can't wait to get there and see our new house! I'm sure it's as beautiful as I remember!

It's 5:30 am and we are off -Oklahoma bound!

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Location:St Louis

California Here We Come

We did it! We fit all our junk in two trucks (one big, one little) and a car and we are off to sunny California. We are both looking forward to this new chapter (adventure). Now we just have to make our way 2400 miles! Off we go!

Goodbye Akron (and all our friends) we will miss you!

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