About Cindy

Living Life as a Creative Adventure!

Cindy Eubanks

I suppose I consider myself a "creative adventurer".   I have always loved the process of creating.  It is a part of me that I have held close throughout my life.  Back in the early days of AOL I choose GottaCre8 as my online moniker and it stuck. That name just seemed to fit, something inside me has always just needed to express itself - I just gotta create!

Over the years I have become aware that this desire to create comes from a deeper place. The truth, as I see it, is that creativity is the connection to our divine nature - our authentic self.  When we are in the process of creating, whether it is art, writing, cooking, music, designing, teaching or even the conscious process of living (being present), we connect to something bigger.

My creative journey has led me many places.  I have found a clear understanding and knowledge of my own truth and have discovered a deeper connection that comes from inside the heart center.  It has filled me with a sense of joy and compassion for myself and others.   Now I can fully own my spiritual nature and embrace that as my true identity.

I am following my passion and know I am on the right course.  My creative spirit and compassionate nature are my guideposts. 

This blog is my place to share my ideas about life as I see it and experience it.  One day it could be about redecorating my bedroom, the next day about a beautiful cactus flower and the next a post about the "Law of Emergence".  You just never know what's on my mind. (And I'm not shy about sharing it!)

Blogging is my creative process in action and I am sharing it with the world.  It is a way for my voice to be heard somewhere in cyber-space.  Something about that feels pretty good.  Because, as my friend Renaye says, "People just want to be known".  This is my way of sharing who I am and what I believe with the world.

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