21 Day No Complaining Challenge

No Complaining for 21 Days!  Can you do it?

On Sunday I went to Agape International Spiritual Center to hear prosperity teacher Edwene Gaines.  She was amazing.  She reminded me of my grandmother Amy and great-aunt Grace, but with a message that was nothing they would ever speak.  She talked about prosperity using stories from her life, which brought them to life for all of us.  She was motivating, empowering and gave me an entire new outlook on life.  She has a book called "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity" and I highly recommend it. (Although I have only read the first 10 pages! Trust me.)

The other thing she challenged us all to do was to go 21 days with out complaining, judging, or criticizing ourselves or others.  Wow, that brought a big laugh from the crowd!  But she was serious!  She said start the first day and go as long as you can with out complaining and if you catch yourself complaining, start over at day 1.  Geez - it could be a long 21 days!

On the drive home I thought about it and realized how much I do complain.  Whether out loud or in my own self talk and mind chatter.  Just the awareness of it made me want to do something.  How would my life be better in 21 days if I stopped complaining, judging and criticizing?  It could be transforming.  But could I?  So I have decided to take the plunge.

Starting today I begin my 21 Day No Complaining Challenge.  Anyone out there want to join me??

In the spirit of acceptance, Cindy