Blizzard, Sub-Zero Temps- Fun?

Onalaska, Winconsin
Yesterday we drove through a blizzard! We stopped in Madison to give Charlie a walk and they had 17" of snow in less than 12 hours! We got stuck- the side roads had not been plowed much. But we were heartened by the generosity of the people of Madison. During the hour we were stuck at least 8-10 people stopped to help us. Finally a guy came by with some salt, and another with a shovel and with a bunch of people pushing we go out.

We headed back to the freeway and westward. We drove on a few hours but it was dark and icey so we stopped in Onalaska. We pulled into the hotel and got stuck again! There was a wind chill advisory with temps -20 to -30. So we went to our warm hotel room and decided to deal with the truck in the morning.

This morning we called a tow service and they arrived in less than an hour and had us out and on our way again! Del and Chris, two more of our Wisconsin heros!

-- Posted on the go from my iPhone. Luzzard

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