This week's inspiration

A new magazine came out this week called Green Craft Magazine. It is filled with pictures and ideas for eco-art. There are so many things that can be recycled into beautiful art work, jewelry, clothing, home deco - using everything from coffee filters to old metal hinges. Even a shopping bag made with recycled plastic grocery bags! It inspired me. There are some great jewelry pieces made from aluminum cans and used plastic gift cards. The artists are Jenni Stultz and Jennifer Nash. Both of these women make some awesome jewelry that is very clever and unusual.

I learned a new term - "upcycled" instead of "recycled". I like it! Taking an item (like a used gift card) and turning it into something better than it's original purpose. This green art is en entirely new art form and it is getting bigger all the time. Jeff and I are both experimenting with making upcycled art and this magazine just added fuel to the creative fire. I think I am going to take some plastic grocery bags and make something . . . .

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