Powerball Quarter of a Billion Dollars

How can a person resist buying a lottery ticket when the prize is $250,000,000.00!! Towering above the Nashville roadway there is a giant Powerball billboard with digital numbers displaying the jackpot total. Each day it went higher. By last night it was over 200 mil and we could't resist buying a ticket!

We left our sweet Nashville family and headed toward home today and have entertained ourselves most of the 10 hour drive talking about what we are going to do with our lottery winnings. Boy oh boy do we have some great ideas.

First thing I am doing is signing up for Mary Engelbriet Workshop with Amy Butler. //www.maryengelbreit.com/meet-me/mary-engelbreits-home-companion-workshops/

The drawings tomorrow night. So if you don't hear from me for awhile you know where I'll be. First, scheduling a week at a wonderful resort/spa, picking out the new car, interviewing personal trainers, oh and the personal assistant and accountant. Then some clothes shopping and . . . . You get the picture. But be on the watch though I might be showing up at your door like Publishers Clearinghouse!

Oh to dream.

-- Posted on the go from my iPhone.

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