It's a Little Sketchy

Today is sewing day. I have several projects I have been wanting to work on and haven't made the time so (sew) today is the day. As I was cleaning off my worktable I picked up a Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine to put it away. (Doesn't this dog on the cover look like Chuck!)

And . . it flipped open to page 70. An article by Robin Olsen called "Being Here, Sketching the Moment". It is all about sketching and tips on how to get started. Since I just put together my sketch bag and started seriously sketching yesterday, I thought it was rather serendipitous.

She even gave a "sketch bag essentials list" and tips on how to make sketching more fun and less stress (the gotta do it perfect thing sure gets in my way!). She says the key is to just do it! Practice often and take your sketch book with you everywhere. Just have fun!

She also listed a sketching blog to visit - I checked it out and it is very cool. They also have a Flickr Group where people in the group upload their sketches. Inspiring. What also inspired me was Robin's funky sketches of just ordinary things. Even simple things look wonderful.

Back to reality - today is a sewing day. Time for me shift gears and start stitching! I have two projects that I am using Amy Butler fabrics and that always gets me revved up!

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