Hartville Flea Market

Up at 5am sending Jeff and Elisha off to Hartville Flea Market to sell our bounty from purging the garage and basement. I met them out there at a more decent hour to shop and cruse the flea market with the girls (Zoe and Bella, my granddaughters and Jennifer, my niece). The weather was a little ominous so the crowd was thin, but it was Hartville - it never disappoints! I found a few goodies - some fabric and a desk chair. But the best part of the day was getting rid of all the junk from our house. Elisha and Jeff are experienced sellers and set up a great space (Elisha's touch) and sold their hearts out.

Another wonderful thing about Hartville is the farmer's market. Beautiful locally grown food from area farmers and Amish families. I couldn't resist taking some pics of the great produce.

We had a fun morning, exploring the market, eating breakfast at the Hartville Kitchen, but the girls got a little bored and it was time to go. When Bella made this face I thought she had reached her looking at "old junk" tolerance level! So we headed for home.

At the end of the day, most all the stuff was sold, what was left over was given away and Jeff brought home two nearly new tires (for my Vue) and a lawn mower. Both things we needed and were about to buy. So it worked out so well. We basically traded our purged stuff for things that we really needed and still came out with some cash! That is a new form of recycling!

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