Midwest Modern . . . . . ahhhhh!

When I saw this book a couple of weeks ago in Sew Crazy, an awesome shop in Wooster, I fell in love with Amy Butler. The book was not for sale - so I immediately came home and ordered it through half.com. It was an awakening for me and gave me a creative boost that I hadn't had in a long while. I had a paradigm shift in my thinking about style and living. Her idea of Midwest Modern is the look I love but just never saw it put together until I came across this book. It is 100% me, yet I was never able to clearly define it before. It was a crazy kind of spiritual experience. Sounds weird, but it has given me a new outlook on life and how I want to live.

She also designs these fantastic fabrics! The colors and patterns are so whimsical and fresh - I love them! I took my granddaughters to pick out some fabric and my daughter and I are making them dresses.

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