High Desert Winter Sunset

Mother Nature Puts on a Show!

Tonight I had to go to the market for a few things.  At the check out I could see what looked like a very  pretty sunset through the sliding doors.  As I wheeled my cart through the doors and the sky came into full view I nearly gasped!  The sunset was glorious!  The sky was brilliant orange and blue with the bright yellow-gold outlining the mountains. It was breathtaking! I pulled my cart over on the sidewalk and had to take a picture.  I got out my iPhone and snapped one.

While I was taking the picture, several people noticed me.   A couple said, "oh, nice sunset" with a quick glance to the west, another woman just smiled and then laughed (like I was from another planet seeing a sunset for the first time), and a then a young man with his family pointed at me and said "Look, she's taking a picture of the sky, that's funny".  I was taken back, first, that they even noticed me and what I was doing, and second, for their own lack of recognizing the beauty of that moment.

Last night I was at the Awaken • Emerge • Create Spiritual Discussion Group and a few people talked about nature being their connection with God (Source, Universe, etc).  I feel that too.  When I walked out the market doors and saw that beauty - Mother Nature's show - I had no choice but to stop and be in awe. It felt like a sacred moment.

Now as I am writing this, upon further reflection, I am aware of how most people pay little attention to nature.  Most of the folks coming and going from the market tonight were busy and in a hurry.  They are caught up in the business of living in the modern world.  A world where seeing someone appreciate an amazing sunset seems odd.

Today I am filled with gratitude for making the conscious decision to step out of "modern world" in 2001 and start living a life that is more authentic and allows me time to appreciate nature.  Being able to stop and become present, in the current moment, is a gift and true blessing.  Today reminded me that I want to be there more often!

In the spirit of nature's magic,  Cindy

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