Creative Spirits Rising

Charged with Creative Energy

Yesterday I had the pleasure (and opportunity) to met a group of artist's and have conversations that filled my heart with joy.  What matters deeply to me is engaging with people on a soul centered - heart level and that's exactly what happened.

Last month I met Chandra of 2UrbanChikz and bought some of her art and jewelry.  I knew right away that she was different, and I mean that in a very good way.  She was creating her art and business from a place inside herself that was real and filled with passion.  I was immediately attracted to her.  A couple of weeks later I went to an art class she taught and made some fun encaustic (beeswax) art.  Over the next few weeks I kept bumping into her and knew that the Universe had a hand in all this.

Yesterday I meet her at Starbucks to tell her about some of my plans for 2012, particularly my workshop on creating a heart centered business plan.  She loved some of my ideas and we shared thoughts and stories.  Then she invited me over that night to meet some of her fellow artist's friends at a Holiday Boutique she was having at her house. Of course I went!

She introduced me to some amazing women!  I was lucky enough to talk to them individually and hear their stories about their creative process and the struggles they had following their passion.  It was moving to learn how they each have faced obstacles, yet still honored their creativity by making time for it in their lives.  It was very clear to me how much they all wanted to live their lives from that creative place inside where they all feel the most authentic.  I was charged with energy and knew I had found some of my "people"!

In January I will be teaching a 6 week class - yet to be named - on creating a heart centered business plan.  I hope that some of these women will be joining me.  (Actually, right now I know two are for sure!)  Past experience tells me that some new relationships are on the horizon - ones based on a deep level of shared passions and awakening!   Can't wait to get started!

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In the spirit of building creative community, Cindy

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Angie said...

Cindy, great idea for a class! Keep me updated at High Desert Blogging.