High Desert Bloggers Meetup

Blogging Goals 

Today was Blogger Meetup day!  I always love to meet with my new blogging friends.  Just getting together and sharing ideas and knowledge is so motivating.  It reminds me how great the group process is, I love it.  Today we discussed each of our individual blogging goals.  Since I have been working on my "Right Brain Business Plan", I was prepared and shared it with them.  It was my commitment to this group two weeks ago that motivated me to get it done. The feedback was great.  They loved the idea of a visual map for the vision I have for my business.  It is pretty cool.  I will share it with you soon.

It took me a few moments to decide whether to add the picture or not.  Some of my old "fat mentality" stuff was coming up and gave me a moment's pause.  But I forged ahead, thankfully living outside of my old "fat mentality" and accepting myself just as I am today --sick with a cold, having a bad hair day, hearing a shirt that is too big -- and enjoying myself.  That's what's important!

When I envision my goals, about blogging, my business, or about my life, it's what's inside me that I bring to the table.  A spirit and an energy that is mine, unique to me.  Today I am celebrating that!  Also am filled with gratitude for Angie (on my right) for starting this Meetup.  It has added a wonderful new dimension to my life.

In case you're interested, the next High Desert Blogger Meetup is Saturday, December 17th, 9:00 am at the new Starbucks at Hwy 18 and Dale Evans Pkwy.

In the spirit of community building,

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