Awaken, Emerge, Create! New Meetup

Edwene Gaines
Spiritual Discussion Group 
Starting December 28th

During the late summer I went to a workshop by Edwene Gaines at Agape International in LA.  During her talk she said she was so tired of "seekers".  She loved that people were seekers, but when did it end?  When did people become "finders" and start sharing what they have learned with other people! Everyone laughed. We all knew that being on a spiritual path was a life long journey.  But, I realized what she meant - sometimes you are the student and sometimes you are the teacher.  Take your turn.

This line of thinking fell right into alignment with some other revelations I had recently.  First and fore most it was time for me to stop trying to FIX myself (which was part of my seeking) and accept that I was perfect just the way I am!  Accept that I had done loads of soul searching, learning, healing, growing and evolving and I really understood a lot.  It was time for me step into something bigger.  I knew I had information to share and recognized that part of my life purpose was helping others awaken to their own greatness (wholeness, divinity, etc.)  So move on girl!

In the wisdom of Edwene I am venturing forward as a teacher.  This is really nothing new to me, teaching.  But what is new to me is the motivation behind the teaching.  Now I see it from a different perspective, before I was seeking and taught what I desperately needed to learn.  Today I am teaching what I have learned from my heart, for the growth of my soul and the fulfillment of my life calling. The urgency is no longer there, but the calling is deep.  It is a peaceful, yet exciting place.

To start it off I have set up a new Meetup called AWAKEN EMERGE CREATE! Spiritual Discussion Group.   It will meet weekly beginning Wednesday, December 28th at 7:00 pm.  To find out more click here.  It is free, open to anyone interested in spiritual growth and will be a topic based discussion.  A kind of consciousness raising group based on learning to live your best life.  That is the CREATE part - learning to create a life that truly matches your authentic spirit.  That makes living a joyful experience!  I know it's going to be interesting and I can't wait to get started.

So, if you live in the High Desert and want to join me in some great discussions, then please join the Meetup and bring a friend.  If you have never heard of Meetup and what to learn more, read my blog entry at High Desert Blogging.

Hope to see you on the December 28th!

In the spirit of sharing,


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