Before & After Art Work

RELAX . . .

This week I decided to liven up the color in my bathroom.  At Target I found some bright green and blue towels on sale, and a cute dragonfly towel hanger.  I hung it all up and realized I needed some art work above it on the wall.

Years ago I bought a vintage framed picture, with an old village painted on it.  There was something about it I liked - maybe the fleur-de-lis pattern on each corner.  What ever it was I just couldn't leave it behind. (I paid $1.50 at Village Thrift!) It traveled cross country with us from Ohio and has been gathering dust in the hall closet.  I decided this was the time to use it.

I painted over the farm village scene with bright green and used white on the outside frame.  I then found images of nature in magazines and gathered up a few.  Next I made paper patterns of the letters R E L A X and used them to cut out the magazine images.  With the help of a little Mod Podge, (decoupage solution), a row of blue painted dots and a coat of bees wax - I have a new painting for the bathroom.

At last the old frame has a new home!   It looks good and reminds me to take it easy!  It is a joy to make recycled art projects.  One of my favorite things!

In the spirit of recycling,  Cindy 

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