And the winner is . . .#1 Aqua School

Thanks every one for all the feedback on my fish fabric designs. The overwhelming winner was the first fabric - the aqua fish. The runner up was the black and white. My favorite was the also the aqua fish and I just sent it off as my entry into the challenge, so wish me luck. It was great fun designing the fabric and really helped with the computer learning curve.

Friday night I was having a hard time sleeping so I got up and decided to distract myself by playing around with my Wacom pen tablet on my computer. One thing let to another and I was making more repeating fabric designs. This time just free hand with my Wacom. It was so much fun, I forgot about all the things that were keeping me from sleeping and I played until after 3 am! (It wasn't so much fun the next day when I was running out of steam about 2 in the afternoon!)

Here are the designs I created. I filed them in a folder called "Wild Distraction".

It looks like I was having a Matisse inspired experience on Friday. What ever it was I had fun and I learned more about Photoshop, my Wacom pen and the wonders of the computer age. Free form drawing reminded me of my childhood, when creativity was as natural as breathing, easy and free. I think I will try it more often! (But, at a more reasonable hour.)

In the spirit of creative freedom,

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