Something Fishy - Learning to Design Fabric


Ever since I heard about Spoonflower (the fabric printing service) I have been excited about designing my own fabric. I have sketched several ideas, but the thing holding me up was learning how to make a repeating image in Photoshop. Yesterday I finally decided to go for it! With the help of Google I found a terrific tutorial and by 1:00 am I finally figured it out! It has opened a whole new world to me.

Spoonflower holds weekly fabric challenges and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to put my new skills to the test and practice what I had just learned. This week they picked a theme and a palette of colors. This week's challenge:

Theme - FISH
Colors - The palette below plus white and black

Now, I am not crazy about fish or the palette, but I want to experiment and use my new skills, so I figured this would be a good challenge for me. I drew a few fish designs, scanned them, and got started. After a few hours of playing I came up with the following four designs. (Click to enlarge.)

The context ends on Sunday night and I have to make a decision on which one to enter. The winner gets $100 credit to spend at Spoonflower and have the fabric spotlighted on their website. (Not that I plan on winning, but thought you would want to know.) For me, just entering is huge step.

So this is how I need your help. Please let me know which of the four you think I should enter. Just post a comment or send me an email with the number. I appreciate your input!

In the spirit of creativity, Cindy


Anonymous said...

That's really cool. I like the first one.
How fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, they are all really cool but I like the first one the best. I think it's the soothing(at least to me it's soothing) teal color I like.