Where's my creative focus

Since returning from vacation I have been experiencing a creative drought. It seems like I jumped back into the old distractions that keep me too busy for art. Yikes that has to stop! Just writting it makes me cringe.

So, I have the power to change that any time. It is a matter of priorities and a change of focus. It will require tweaking my vision a bit and being more deliberate in my days. I have a beautiful clean and organized new studio that needs to be broken it. (Let's hope that clean and organized isn't a creative block!) No way!!

Walking today with Jen I was inspired by the beautiful fall day - bright with colors of autumn and a perfect blue sky. It made me want to sketch, and I remembered it has been days since I have picked up a pencil or brush. I think tomorrow I will.

In the spirit of renewed creative focus, Cindy

-- Posted on the go from my iPhone.

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