It's the Flu Season - RX Dog Therapy

Cough,cough, hack, hack . . . two weeks of struggling with the "coughing" flu. I am so tried of coughing. It takes the fun out of most everything. Sleeping is the most difficult. Today I surrendered to it and just stayed on the couch all day, drinking fluids, taking my meds and giving my body a rest. Let's hope a little nurturing helps!

One thing that is helping is a little dog therapy. We are dog sitting for my niece. Her new little guy is named Charlie. He is a rescue dog and is still a bit skittish so he likes to be close. He has been sleeping at my side all day. He is so sweet, which makes up for less then good looks. Charlie is very lovable and a having him as a buddy today has helped!

A face only a mother could love! :)

I'm off to bed and hope to sleep through the night. If anyone knows any good home remedies for calming a cough - let me know!

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