Party Planning Time - 90th Birthday

This year my Mom is turning 90! It is so hard to believe she is that old. She is so active and full of life. At the left is her picture in 1920. She is an inspiration to me. (Sure hope I have lots of her genes!) My step Dad and I were trying to plan a surprise party for her - but it turned out to be pretty difficult. So now she is in on the planning! Which is a good thing!

My creative fun the last couple of weeks has been planning the invitations. Last week I went to Wooster to a wonderful shop called the Pink Tomato. They make the coolest invitations. And I met with Christy, one of the owners. I told her what I wanted and even brought along some of my Mom's hand made beautiful and colorful polymer clay jewelry so she would have an idea who we were dealing with - not your ordinary 90 year old! Christy then brought out all kinds of papers and sample invitations from other parties. She had so many great ideas. After much contemplation and idea swapping we came up with a perfect invitation design! Next they order all the paper and parts and then make each invitation by hand. So they are truly custom made.

The colors for the party are purple and pink. So Christy and I looked at tons of papers and finally settled on a bright pink, deep purple and a cute floral print. Here is a sample.

The colors are not exact, but you get the overall idea. The exact plan for the invitation is hush-hush. I can't tell you any more because my Mom reads my blog and there has to be something that is a surprise! (Sorry Mom) It is amazing to me the creativity and imaginative ideas that go into invitations today. As I looked around the shop at some of the samples from other parties I was amazed - they are little individual works of art. What a fun time I am having! I can't wait to see the finished product.

This has been a good project to help me stay focused on my Art Every Day challenge for November! Next on my agenda - sewing a mini-iPhone purse. Off to the design board.

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