Creative Beading Transformation

Just a couple of weeks ago this was my jewelry studio . . .

It was dark, disorganized and messy! I knew it had to be cleaned but I just couldn't face it. Then one day I just dived in and went for it. It took hours (days) of cleaning, sorting, moving furniture and then painting (walls and floor)and organizing. Putting it all together was fun! I found a great piece of mid-century modern furniture that turned out to be perfect. Once the paint dried and things were moved in it looks like a different space! It is clean, bright and inviting. I can't wait to get started creating!

The cabinet is the heart of the studio now. I found it on the way home from Hartville Flea Market ( at a garage sale for $10!!) It was amazing when I started putting it together, everything fit perfectly. I bought a variety of storage containers and organized like I was channeling some invisible amazing organizing power - it was surreal. Things just "fit". It was awesome. I covered the sliding glass doors with fabric to hide all the containers. Here are some close-ups of the cabinet.

Now I am ready to start creating! It is going to be a pleasure. You'll be sure to see it here when I start. Meanwhile, I also cleaned the other half of the studio and I will show that in my next post.
In the spirit of creativity, Cindy

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