Bravely Showing My Musings of Permanent Fine Point

A few weeks ago I read an article about sketching with a permanent fine point pen and watercolors. No pencils, no erasers. Just take the pen in hand and sketch. The article suggested taking no more than 5 minutes to sketch, then use the watercolors. I decided to give it a try. Since I have huge tendencies towards perfectionism and a very tough internal critic I thought this practice sounded like a good way to let go and just enjoy drawing. What a great experience it has been.

Humbly I am sharing these sketches with you. It is the process not the product that makes this so much fun. Plus I find that it has become a type of meditation for me, allowing me to suspend the focus on the end result and just enjoy being present with the pen and watercolors. I also enjoy the ritual of the process - I designed a sketch book caddy that has my sketchbook, pens and watercolors (even a water bottle)-I can take it anywhere and pull out all my supplies and create (it is small, I use a 6" x 6" sketchbook). It is satisfying in a way I haven't experienced before. I highly recommend it for anyone! As you can see, you don't have to be a great artist! Just draw!

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