Catching Up

In case you have been wondering what happened to me ( it's been two months since I've blogged ). Jeff and I headed to California to celebrate my Mom's 90th Birthday (plus we wanted to escape winter in Ohio). I had every intention of blogging along the way but . . . . well, it just didn't happen! So here is recap of the past two months in words and pictures:

Ohio snow Kentucky snow Tennessee snow Nashville major toothache The Mitchell’s snow Arkansas Oklahoma Texas Pan Handle New Mexico Albuquerque Del Taco Metaphysical Bookstore Arizona Nevada Laughlin slot machines California The Deushane’s party planning Pasadena Rev.Ed Bacon San Gabriel Bead Shop more party planning grand kids Adian Aubrey & Kelly fried zucchini hot pastrami party scrapbook new computer The Party! Mom’s 90th Birthday Celebration! Big Success Katie relaxing pendulum PH water Australian Open laughter Hemet good food Donny & Isabell Nijia Los Angeles Agape International Michael Beckwith inspiration mountains snow desert rain rain more rain flash floods Scott bike lemons avocados sewing purse goodbye Tucson Kris Halter gems pendulums rain snow New Mexico Las Cruses I10 to I40 planning Texas Oklahoma quilt store yummy fabric Dave Ramsey radio Arkansas Tennessee Nashville beautiful granddaughters ZoĆ« Bella Elisha Chris good food laughter relaxing sewing machine dress making story telling laughter games goodbye heading home Kentucky Ohio snow snow piles of snow cold . . . . . 5200 miles Home!

Now that I am up to date I am back on to my creative focus. It occurred to me today how much I have missed it and how much I enjoy looking at the world in that way. Creativity keeps me centered and living in the moment. A great place to be.

In the spirit of creativity,

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