You Are What You Eat

After coming home from 6 weeks of traveling I realized how terrible I was feeling. We ate at restaurants way too much, slept in uncomfortable hotel beds and didn't have time for any real self care. I came home feeling bloated, constipated (TMI) and feeling especially fat. When I am feeling like that the last thing I want to do is take care of myself - I just want to hibernate. But after a while I knew that I had to do something. First I decided to starting eating foods that come with no ingredient list - natural and lots of green. Plus I committed to drinking a gallon of water a day - yes an entire gallon! Within three days I started waking up and feeling a bit more human.

Today (nearly four weeks later) I am feeling better than I have in months! Here is a picture I took when I came home from grocery shopping this week.

Everything is fresh, brightly colored and filled with "life force energy". When I eat it I feel the same way. I'm not sure what happened but I had a shift of consciousness. While in California we went to hear Michael Beckwith speak on "Becoming More Authentically You". He encouraged people to awaken in any way possible to their true selves. He said one way to do that was by healing your body temple. "Look at the distraction that stands in the way of embracing your ray of light from spirit (source)." Those words helped me get clear on something I have known for a long time - my weight, food, dieting, the obsession - was standing in the way of me embracing my ray. If I want to live a vital, light filled life than I had to start by healing my body temple.

Next thing I know (the Law of Attraction at work) a book sort of dropped into my lap. It is written my Natalia Rose called "Raw Food - Life Force Energy". The book is good overall, but the part I needed to read was the introduction and the first couple of chapters. "Tapping the Secret Laws of Life Force Energy". I highly recommend reading it. Here is the philosophy of her book:

  • We are dynamic-energetic/vibrational being intrinsically connected with a universal energy system from which we can access and endless supply of Life Force Energy.

  • In order for us to experience a perfect body, true health, and consistent joy, we need to clean our bodies and return them to their natural, harmonious light-energy quotient.

  • Once we enhance the flow of Life Force Energy within our bodies, we will experience ourselves, each other, and our lives differently.

  • Once we are clean internally, harmoniously flowing with Life Force Energy, we will be infinitely more attractive to others because we will be physically more beautiful, lean, kind, clear, joyful people of right purpose.

That is a whole new way of looking at it don't you think? It certainly was for me. Since the morning I read those first few pages I knew that my struggle was over. It was time for me to give up the number on the scale, the good food - bad food war, the self-loathing, and the rigid all-or-nothing thinking that held me hostage! I knew that I wanted to feel the lightness of Life Force Energy in my body and my life. They only way to get there is to feed my body high vibrational foods filled with LFE (Life Force Energy).

This change has created a detox of my body and some of that hasn't been too much fun. But each day I am feeling better, "lighter" and more positive. The negative little voice in my head has quieted to the point that it is merely a faint whisper. I am sleeping better than I have in months. I have energy and a feeling of connection. Self nurturing is now simple, and almost automatic part of life. I am seeing things in a whole new light. Sounds crazy doesn't it. It hasn't been four weeks yet, but the difference is amazing. The quiet little negative voice in my head is whispering "but will it last??" And I say back "who knows?" But it is working today - and today is all I have. Now I truly understand the phrase "You Are What You Eat". Today I want to eat up some LFE!

In the spirit of lightness, Cindy

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