Sunshine & Borders

Today is "open house" #9. We had to vacate for a couple of hours. An opportunity to go for a walk in the Metro park and then to Borders for some book therapy.

The new issue of "Artful Blogger" is out so I had to find a quiet place and check it out. On page 106 Tracey Clark ( had a photograph that touched me.

Amen! Being a life examiner myself, it is not always an easy path! There are people in my life that wish I could just stop. But it isn't that simple, let me tell you! This is something that is built in to me, I arrived on the planet this way. For years I used drugs, alcohol, food and spending to try to devert it. Eventually I surrendered to it. The best thing I have ever done. Now I see my need to ask questions, explore, examine and excavate the layers of myself as a gift. It brings a sense of wholeness and dimension - it takes me beyond my mere physical to something bigger and that is pretty darn awesome. Sometimes it's no picnic, other times it is a conga line gone wild! I wouldn't have it any other way! Good thing, cause I can't stop it!

A sunny Sunday, spring starting to spring, inspiration at Borders. It's a good afternoon.

In the spirit of examination,

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