What do you want?

How can you set an Intention when you don't know what you want?

The past two weeks my Awaken • Emerge • Create Spiritual Discussion Group has been discussing setting Intentions for 2012.  When I asked people to share their intentions, one person volunteered. Others has some idea, but others had no idea.  The concept for this topic was to help people look to the new year and create plans for a meaningful  year.  Not just the tired old "resolutions".  But what I didn't realize, people are not so clear on what they want.  Sure, they can tell you what they don't want, but seeing a clear picture of what they DO want, not so easy.  It has challenged me. 

The truth is, knowing what you don't want is half way to finding what you do want.  But it seems a bit more complex - or so I thought it was.  Then I listened to a guided meditation by Deepak Chopra (the link is below).  In the mediation he guides you to an understanding of the "infinite organizing power of intention".   What I realized from listening to the mediation a couple of times is that intention acts without much effort - we think and intention follows.  

I learned three important things:
  • Ask your heart what you want, not your head.
  • Ego gets in the way of truly understating what you desire.
  • Gratitude eliminates ego.  Ego cannot co-exist when we are in a state of gratefulness.
But, the most important thing is the knowing that we can harness the infinite organizing power of intention because we are part of the bigger infinite field of possibilities!  When we can accept the concept that we are part of everything that is, then an intention becomes a simple process.   The power of  a thought.

Hope you enjoy this meditation! Just click the link below.  Thanks Deepak. Let me know what you think.

In the spirit of infinite possibilities,  Cindy

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