ArtBeat Studio - Revisiting the 90's

Crazy, Colorful AretBeat Studio!

Yesterday, while looking through some old computer files, I ran across some pictures from the late 90's.  There were pics of an art studio I opened in a weird little space in an apartment building.  I called it ArtBeat Studio.  I even painted an old car I had to match!  (The pic of the car was on the day it went to the scrap yard - some kids had taken a bat to it and broken the front and back windows and ruined the frame.  The week before that I had been re-ended by a drunk driver - so I think it was an end of a era for that little car!)

Anyway . . . . I love these pics because it was a time that I really let my creative spirit loose and went for it.  I really enjoyed that time.  But WOW how about those colors - purple and lime green!

During that time I taught art classes, was into silk painting and fabric dying, polymer clay, doll making, paper creations, paper mache, jewelry and art quilting.  I spent hours and hours in that little studio.  It was well organized and filled with all kinds of supplies.  Take a look at those wild switch plate covers made from polymer clay.  I am so glad I took these pics so I remember that fun time!  Elisha, Chris and Jeff helped me clean and paint - it was quite a job - but we did it!  You wouldn't believe it if you saw what it looked like before!

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