Zentangles and Zendoodles - What Fun!

Have you heard of Zentangles?? I just heard about them recently. It is a sort of meditation and art combined. Here is a Zentangle sampler I grabbed of the web.

Mostly they are back and white small designs that remind me of doodling! As a matter of fact here is something I did back in November that I think now is the beginning of a Zentangle! It is colorful, not black and white - but it started as a doodle!

Over the past two weeks I have had some cool synchronicity around Zentangles. First I happened across them again reading a blog, then I was at a bike shop with my husband and I was looking over a bunch of fliers, suddenly I saw one that was from Craft Akron and listed on the their Spring 2010 Classes was one called "Introducing Zentangles". (The class is May 6th - I am signing up -want to join me?). I knew I must find out more - so to the computer . . . some web searching and I found http://www.zentangle.com/. A little more searching and I was surprised to find an old friends name on the list of Zentangle teachers in Ohio. I emailed her and found there is a whole Zentangle movement in and around NE Ohio. Wow.

You just never know what the Universe is going to open up next!

In the spirit of discovery and doodling, Cindy

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